grounding kits by TELEDAO

Grounding kits & lightning protection solution.

Grounding kits, cable, copper lugs, bus bars, brackets, lightning arrestors for coaxial feeder cable & fiber cable lightning protection & grounding

Grounding kit for RG59,RG6,9248,LMR300,CNT300,ICN 48

Grounding kit for Andrew (Commscope) ‘s FSJ 1-50, FSJ1RN 50; Eupen’s 5042 Hiflex; RFS’s scf 14-50J, Leoni Rosenberger’s 1/4S; and RG 59,RG6,Belden 9248,LMR 300,ICN 48…

1/4″ grounding kit (Framework / High speed type)

With the trend that small cable is used more and more, we designed a new framework type grounding kit for this size. The 1/4″ framework grounding kit consist of EPDM clamp &  AWG6 grounding cable terminal mounted .  With compact design with Butyl, this kind of grounding kit offer a coaxial cable solution of soon installation more »

Our framework grounding kit protect LMR400 / 400 series coaxial cable in South Africa.

2011-8-27 Our framework grounding are chose by South Africa customer to protect their LMR400 / 400 series grounding kit. With optimized design & quality material, our framework grounding kits gains reputation in Africa.

Gemel type grounding kits & buss bars were export to Lebanon.

2011-06-25 Our new developed gemel t type grounding kit & buss bars attract an order from Lebanon, and was export to Beirut on June 28th.

Cable size cross reference

From 5mm-77mm, cable size cross reference for different kinds of cable. With this table, you can choose the right type grounding kit for specified cable.

lmr400 grounding kit (for 400 series coax cable) installation

Instructions for installing framework / high speed grounding kits on LMR400 series coaxial cable.

Grounding kits’ lightning protection method: MIL-STD-1757A (1980)

Standard & test method for grounding kit’s lightning protection-MIL-STD-1757A (1980), American Military standard of Lightning Qualification Test Techniques for Aerospace Vehicles and Hardware.

Copper wire/grounding cable cross reference table

Grounding copper wire cable cross reference chart, 0000(4/0)~40, include AWG – diameter ( mm, inch ) – section ( mm2,kcmil ) – resistance ( Ω/km,Ω/kFT )